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Complaints Policy

Greater London Locksmiths (GLL) is committed to “Putting our customers first” by improving the quality of our services and our customers’ experience of them.

We welcome our customers’ views. Complaints, comments and compliments are important to us in providing insight into what we are doing well and where we may need to focus improvements. We record this feedback, regularly monitoring what our customers tell us, and using the information within our planning processes to help us shape services that support our customers. We also seek to manage and respond to customer feedback in a consistent and professional manner.

This document sets out how GLL manages and responds to complaints, comments and compliments.


Complaints, comments and compliments – definitions


A complaint is a criticism or a direct expression of dissatisfaction. A complaint may be about the standard of service, actions or lack of actions by GLL, its staff or sub contractors, affecting an individual or group of customers.


A comment can be described as a personal opinion or belief, feedback or remark expressed by a customer. Unless specifically requested, there is not an automatic assumption that GLL will reply to comments. However, where it is felt appropriate or where the customer indicates they expect a reply, this should be sent within 10 working days.


A compliment is defined as a customer statement of positive recognition or praise for a service or individual.


Complaints process

The complaints process follows three key stages, the first of which is informal. The second and third stages are for complaints which are classed as formal. These stages require more senior management involvement in investigation and recording procedures.

In all circumstances when someone complains, we will show genuine regret that they have felt it necessary to complain. We will be courteous, honest, helpful and open. Where necessary, we will provide support in helping them to make their complaint effectively. We will provide support to our staff to enable them to deal with complaints in a sensitive, professional and constructive manner.

Stage 1 – Informal

Most complaints can be resolved quickly and amicably by our front line staff. Wherever possible, we aim to resolve the complaint close to the original point of customer contact, usually, but not always, by the person or team already dealing with the customer.

Where this is the case, the complaints are treated as informal and not recorded.

We aim to resolve the complaint close to the original point of customer contact, as quickly and amicably as possible.

If the complaint is resolved immediately no recording or response is required. This will be reviewed annually.



Stage 2 and 3 – Formal

Formal complaints will always be recorded by nominated complaints and compliments staff on the corporate complaints recording system.

A complaint will enter the formal stage if the complainant advises that they either:

are not satisfied with the result at the informal stage; or

wish to make a formal complaint (they can do this without going through the informal stage).

All complaints will be acknowledged within three working days from the date of receipt for letters and within 24 hours for all other forms of communication. At the point of acknowledgement, customers will be provided with a contact name and number, details of our procedure (timescales) and a complaint reference number.

The complaint will be investigated by a manager within the service.

Following the investigation a response will be sent to the customer in writing within 10 working days from the receipt of the formal complaint. (Unless the complaint is governed by statutory legislation, see page 8, and is of sufficient complexity to warrant an alternative timescale. In these circumstances, the customer will always be advised when they can expect a response.) In the response to the complaint the customer will also be advised of their right to appeal to Stage 3.

If the complainant advises that they are not satisfied with the result at Stage 2 the complaint will be escalated to Stage 3. At this stage the customer must submit the complaint in writing.

The complaint will be investigated by a senior manager (with delegated powers) or a director if the complaint relates to Data Protection, Freedom of Information or other information legislation.

Following the investigation a response will be sent to the customer in writing within 20 working days from the receipt of the Stage 3 complaint. (Unless the complaint is of sufficient complexity to warrant an alternative timescale). In these circumstances the customer will always be advised when they can expect a response).


Unreasonable and vexatious complaints

There may be circumstances when a complainant persists in pursuing a complaint (or series of complaints) when GLL has taken all reasonable actions in response, or where another recognised process should be (or has been) undertaken.

In such cases, we will prepare a written briefing for the managing director. This report will summarise the history of the complainant’s contact with the company and will also make a recommendation for action by the managing director which may include:

informing the complainant that no further action can by taken by the company in response to their complaints and advising them that only new or substantive issues will receive a further response;

nominating a single point of contact for any future communication.


Violent or abusive behaviour towards our staff will not be tolerated. Please refer to the policies and reporting guides relating to health and safety and violence at work for more information.

Our aim is to provide instant response to our client’s locksmith, security and facilities management needs.

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