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Health & Safety

1st January 2022



The purpose of this statement is to underline the policy of Greater London locksmiths Limited which is, to ensure that the company does all it reasonable can to achieve the highest standards of health and safety in carrying out its activities.

The objectives of the company are to provide an environment and conditions which are safe and without risk to health, to eliminate accidents at and connected with work and to maintain the health of all employees. To achieve these objectives the company will:


  1. Comply fully with the requirements of relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice and so far as is reasonably practicable, adopt the best health and safety practices. Publish that Policy and distribute to all staff.
  2. Ensure that the duties and responsibilities of both management and employees are clearly defined, allocated and understood.
  3. Provide management and employees with such information, instructions, training and supervision as is necessary.
  4. Encourage management and employees to take an active interest in health and safety.
  5. Provide a safe environment for staff, customers and the general public, who may be affected by our activities.
  6. Establish procedures and reporting arrangements to ensure the company is recognised as a safe employer. Please see Section 4 for information regarding the recording of accidents and to whom an accident/incident is to be reported. Where necessary accidents/incidents will be investigated by a Director and reported to RIDDOR where appropriate.
  7. Appoint a Safety Officer to administer and oversee the company’s health and safety policy.
  8. Special health and safety instructions, including Asbestos hazards, are issued to staff that may be required to work in areas where specific risks can occur. Engineering staff on site who find they are faced with an activity with an element of risk must report that risk to the Health and Safety Manager or a Director for their comments prior to undertaking that job.
  9. Ensure that no hazardous substances will be used within the company or on-site without a full COSHH Assessment having taken place.



The Company has carried out a full risk assessment check at its premises and this will be reviewed on a yearly basis. The risk assessment check which is the responsibility of the Directors has been documented and remains on the Company’s premises.

Any employee finding any unacceptable risk in the Company must report that risk immediately to the Company by using a non-conformance report form.

This would be discussed at the next Corrective Action Review Meeting although it is the Policy of the Company to correct the “fault” immediately.

Ensure all resources, including financial, are made available to implement all the necessary precautions and procedures for health and safety.

Keep all staff up to date with any changes in policy, legislation, procedures or individuals responsibilities.

The company recognises the authority of the HSE Document Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 (SI 1999 No 3242) ISBN 0-7176-2488-9.

The company acknowledges the Working Time Regulations Act 1998 (SI 1998 No 1833).

The Health and Safety duties and responsibilities of Directors, Managers and Employees are described in Section 1.13. An important responsibility of Greater London Locksmiths Limited is to initiate its health and safety policy and monitor its effectiveness. However, success will only be secured by the full co-operation and support of everyone employed by this company. Before introducing any new Health & Safety Policy, it is the Company’s Mandate to engage in Employer/Employee consultation.

The Company’s Health and Safety Manager will where necessary and in conjunction with the Company’s Supervisors carry out monitoring of Safety Procedures, and in particular control COSHH Assessments and display screen equipment assessments, by the review of accident reports and product audits etc.

The Directors are responsible for ensuring that the needs of VDU users have been properly assessed and a process has been installed whereby VDU users may request free eyesight tests.

The Company will seek expert advice where necessary on any matter relating to the Health and Safety of any employee. The preferred source is Croners Publications.



Employee’s withholding co-operation and thereby causing a non-compliance of this Health and Safety Policy will be subject to Disciplinary Procedures.

The Directors, where the Health and Safety Policy has been breached, and where life has been endangered, will include in the disciplinary procedures the option of terminating the employment of any employee negligent in this respect.

Employee’s suffering from Drug or Alcohol abuse, either on company or customer’s premises will be subject to the most severe disciplinary procedures.

Although the company does not have the resources to carry out a full on-going health surveillance of employees, this is your responsibility, the company will however monitor employees with known abuses i.e. alcohol or drug.

The Company is in the possession of the Health and Safety Commission Document “A Guide to Commercial Health and Safety in Construction” published by The Construction Industry Advisory Committee and agrees to comply with all the guidance offered in order to conform with Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 (CDM Regulations) and Management of Health and Safety At Works Regulations 1999.

In particular the Company agrees that for every major job of work undertaken covered by CDM Regulations and where Greater London Locksmiths Limited, or a nominated Company surveyor, are the main contractors, it will be the responsibility of the Health and Safety Manager to carry out a Risk Assessment based on information made available from surveying staff and thereafter produce a Safety Method Statement for that particular job and to ensure total compliance with all other aspects of CDM Regulations.

In general, the company agrees to conform to CDM Regulations on any site where Greater London Locksmiths Limited are not the Main Contractors.

Under existing BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Policy, the Company has a procedure for Product Evaluation in which all new substances, machinery and processes are submitted for approval.

The Company’s electrical tools are regularly maintained by the Installation Supervisor and Maintenance Supervisors. Details of which are documented.

The company’s Installation Supervisor is responsible for assessing the competency of all Sub-Contractors.



The company’s Installation Supervisor is responsible for ensuring that Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is available for Staff prior to need.

The Health and Safety Manager is responsible for the implementation of the Fire and Emergency Safety measures as well as First Aid and Welfare within the Offices. The Health and Safety Manager is also responsible for checking the contents of the First Aid box.

The Directors are responsible for ensuring that the Company’s transport fleet is regularly maintained and fit for purpose, ensuring safeness for Employee’s and other road users.

It is the responsibility of the Directors to identify and implement Health and Safety employee training. All staff will receive Health and Safety induction training and further training as is required. All training given will be recorded.

This policy will be reviewed annually and updated accordingly. At the Company’s six monthly management review meetings, Health and Safety issues are an agenda item. Under this item the Company will review and update the Policy Manual to reflect changes in legislation or current working practices.

The Managing Director of GLL in summary will:

• Ensure a safe working environment for employees and customers and provide them with appropriate instruction, information and training as identified in the GLL Training and Qualification Programme

• Ensure those that have duties under the Construction Design & Management Regulations 2007 are competent to undertake that duty

• Provide and maintain suitable and sufficient welfare facilities for all employees

• Provide and maintain plant and equipment that is safe and without risk to health

• Make suitable and sufficient arrangements for the safe storage, handling and transport of articles and substances

• Ensure that residents and other members of the public are not exposed to risks to their health and safety as a result of GLL’s activities

• Annually review the objectives within the Policy Statement.

• Ensure that suitable arrangements are made for monitoring the implementation of the Health & Safety Policies and Management System.


Jason Bowe

Managing Director


REF: Management of Health & Safety At Work Regulations 1999 (SI 1999 No 3242) 29.12.99 I.S.B.N. 0-7176-2488-9

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