St. Joseph’s Church

Greater London Locksmiths were contacted by St Josephs Church in Middlesex to resolve a problem with faulty cylinders that were installed on some very high use doors. We found a very old Cisa master key system in place which was in a very poor state. We had received several calls to carry out some re pins and patch repairs but we recognised that this was not value for the client and so Greater London Locksmiths proposed a new system to solve what had become an expensive problem.

As well as the faults we discovered the system was layered and set up in such a way that it was not practical for the Priests and Church staff. Some areas needed to be accessed by all clients but others needed to be controlled due to nature of building.

We surveyed the premises and proposed that the church adopted a Mul-T-Lock system that accommodated the Churches actual needs. We installed new cylinders and stamped the keys according to their preference so they could be identified easily and so that it gave the correct levels of access to the right people. It also stopped the costly maintenance call outs and improved security for the premises.

It turned out this job was very close to home, as our attending locksmith was an ex pupil of the adjoining school! It goes to show it is a small world!

“It also stopped the costly maintenance call outs and improved security for the premises”

Clerk to the Church Committee | St Josephs

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