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This protocol is our standard response and planned maintenance repairs process. It is not fixed and we will tailor a bespoke solution for individual clients so that it meets their specific requirements.



The client will make appointments at source for the repairs GLL attend or GLL will assess and undertake repairs directly. The resident will also receive a confirmation call from the GLL attending technician to state the time of attendance. These appointments are to be in two blocks am and pm: Monday to Friday and am and pm on weekends, GLL will inform the client of any problem which may lead to a delay or failure to complete the Work within the requested timescale.

GLL, upon receipt of an appointment letter or call, will confirm appointment and access arrangements with residents by phone or by letter, which will be followed up by a telephone call from the technician attending. GLL will inform the Contract Administrator of any problem which may lead to a delay or failure to complete the Work within the requested timescale. GLL will ensure that the necessary plant, materials and labour will be available to undertake the Work at the arranged time, or immediately to seek approval of customers and the Contract Administrator to amend the arrangement where a delay is inevitable. We understand that it is imperative that explanations for delays are communicated to Customers and Contract Administrators as soon as possible whenever they arise. All jobs will be completed within the agreed the client timescale unless varied by the client.





GLL understand that at all times that although the property is owned by the

the client, it is the customer’s home, and will be treated as such. Our technicians will at all times provide the highest quality customer service. GLL staff will at all times treat the customer with respect and be polite and friendly.


All persons visiting the customer on behalf of GLL will:

• Always ensure the resident has been notified of the visit

• Show respect to the customer and their property

• Be courteous in any discussion with the customer

• Behave as you would expect others towards you in your own home

• Clearly identify themselves and their company when they call

• Show identification with photograph and company logo

• Dress appropriately

• Provide dust covers and protection to belongings and the customers floor coverings

• Provide boxes two weeks in advance when tenant is asked to pack belongings

• Thoroughly clean the work area and any associated mess

• Remove any old material, waste or rubbish and take these away. It will not be left in communal areas or on the street.


All persons visiting the resident on behalf of GLL will not:

• Attend without an appointment or prior notification

• Use or move customers belongings without their express permission

• Smoke, eat or drink in the customer’s home

• Use radios or personal stereos in the customer’s home

• Use (or ask to use) the customer’s telephone

• Leave tools, materials or rubbish in the house

• Leave or enter without notifying the customer


Code of Conduct



Any offer or suggestion of inducement to the client to influence ordering of work or payment of costs will be interpreted as bribery and corruption, and dealt with as outlined under the Conditions of Contract. And GLL’s Anti Bribery Policy



Any offer of gift or gratuity (e.g. seasonal ‘perks’) will not be accepted if directed towards specific personnel. Where such gift is deemed acceptable, it will be marked for the

attention of the company secretary and acknowledged on the clearly expressed

understanding that it benefits equally all staff of the Employer.


Private Work for Employer’s Staff

No work will be undertaken privately for a member of the Employer’s Staff, or their close relative.


Private Work for Customers

Any private work undertaken for Customers will be on a completely separate basis with no Employer involvement, or responsibility for payment. Whilst it is the responsibility of the Customer to obtain permission from the Employer to carry out work of a structural nature to the property, GLL would be well advised to ensure that the Contract Administrator is aware of the intention to carry out such work before it is agreed.



GLL will notify the client of any problem regarding our capacity to undertake work for the Employer, whether by reason of a temporary heavy work-load, or a change in circumstances (e.g. staff changes), which may affect capacity and deadlines. We understand that It is particularly important, that the Employer is given due notice of any intention to cease Employer’s work or to end trading.



In the event of ceasing work for the Employer, GLL will hand back any keys, plans, specifications, other documents or equipment issued by the Employer.

Labour/Conthe clientict of Interest

Under no circumstances will any member of GLL staff be:

• A member of the Employer’s Committee of Management, or

• Be related to or have a close personal relationship with any member of the Employer’s Maintenance Staff or member of the Employer’s Committee or Management


If GLL inadvertently or otherwise employs a person who falls into the above category or is linked in any way with other members of staff within the Employer, the client will be informed in writing by and the matter will then be discussed between the relevant parties and a decision made regarding issuing further work.


Security and Protection

Care will be taken to ensure the comfort, safety and security of customers and adjoining householders during work activity. All necessary reasonable action will be taken to ensure the protection of both the property worked on, and those adjoining. Specifically, technicians will employ the use of dust sheets and protective coverings whenever dust, dirt, paint, mortar or similar nuisance is liable to foul surrounding property, fauna or flora.

Care will be exercised when work is carried out in the vicinity of small children,

particularly with regard to sharp tools and toxic substances being kept well out of reach.

Care and consideration will be required when working in the home of elderly or disabled

customers, particularly with regard to restricting or impending movement around the house, tools and materials lying on the clients floors and maintaining acceptable levels of warmth and comfort.

Any complaint arising from a dispute in any form, between the Customer and GLL will be referred IMMEDIATELY to the Contract Administrator.

If for any reason a GLL feels unable to undertake specified work on a property of the

Employers, the Contract Administrator will be informed immediately. In the interests of all concerned, whenever GLL encounter a particular difficult or a potentially violent situation we will leave the site immediately and contact the clients staff as soon as possible.


General requirements



Due notice will be given whenever it is necessary to disconnect services or interrupt the use of access or amenities, and such interruption should be kept to a minimum. GLL will ensure that, where appropriate, any statutory consents (i.e. scaffolding on a pavement) are obtained before work commences, and that any statutory notices (i.e. building

regulation notices) have been applied for as appropriate.



Whenever possible, work will be carried out or access obtained to premises when the

customer or the client representative is present. Any other arrangement for keyholding or unaccompanied access will be discouraged, or if absolutely necessary, kept to a minimum. The holding of keys to a customer’s property is arranged at the risk of the GLL, and will never occur without the specific agreement of the customer.



GLL technicians are instructed not to involve themselves in discussions with customers, or others, of matters, which may contravene reasonable requirements of confidentiality concerning the Employer’s business or concerning other customers, other properties or other GLL staff or work. Any enquiry from customers or others concerning Employer’s business will be diplomatically redirected to the appropriate the client member of staff.




the client will make appointment at source for the repairs GLL are to attend, assess and

undertake. If GLL is unable to gain access it may be necessary for GLL to leave a card with a request to contact either the Employer’s Contract Administrator or GLL directly. In the event of customers breaking arrangements, or refusing access, the Contract Administrator will be informed as soon as possible. Employer’s staff may accompany GLL if requested in advance

The GLL, upon receipt of an appointment letter, will confirm appointment and access

arrangements with residents by Letter, which will be followed up by a telephone call or directly by phone. If GLL is unable to gain access it may be necessary for the GLL to leave a card with a request to contact either the Employer’s Contract Administrator or the GLL directly. In the event of customers breaking arrangements, or refusing access, the Contract Administrator will be informed as soon as possible. Employer’s staff will accompany GLL if requested in advance



GLL will only remove abandoned belongings from voids with written permission from

the Employer. It is to GLL’s own advantage to ensure that a proper inventory is taken

of any property so removed. Clear instructions should be agreed on regarding disposal.



Over and above the general requirements of standards of performance and conduct required, GLL understand that due note should be taken that no deviation from these norms will be acceptable, regardless of the standards of living, housekeeping or behaviour of the customers of the property.

Disciplinary action would be taken if there were any attempt by a GLL technician to take advantage of the special circumstances of a customer. The GLL Code of Conduct requires GLL staff to: 

• be tidily dressed;

• keep appointments that have been made;

• carry identification at all times and make such identification clearly and readily available for inspection by Customers and the client staff;

• explain the nature and purpose of the job;

• be polite and courteous to residents and staff, with strict observance of the requirements of Equal Opportunities and Racial Discrimination;

• behave in a proper and professional manner at all times;

• ensure the access/notification arrangements set out at are to be strictly adhered to and appointments will be kept.

If for reasons beyond the GLL’s control this is not possible the Contract Administrator will be informed immediately. This might be when they are carrying out works for vulnerable customers, customers with young children, disabled customers, customers with a language disability, shift workers and/or customers who are simply not feeling well.


GLL technicians will

• not make comments to customers about the general condition of their accommodation. Remarks of this nature can cause needless alarm or offence and should be made only to the Contract Administrator.

• not smoke, work under the influence of alcohol, use bad language, play music, or use the resident’s facilities without permission;

• not create disruption and mess to the resident’s home;

• treat Customers’ possessions with respect ensuring that the resident’s property and possessions are protected from dust, paint, etc. Any damage to customer’s property resulting from GLL’s negligence will be made good or compensated for. The Contract Administrator and Property Services Manager will be informed of all such occurrences;

• ensure that the electricity supply or telephone may only be used with the customer’s permission

• keep the resident’s home secure at all times all property being worked on will be kept secure and weather tight at all times with communal areas secure;

• keep safe all materials and equipment used on site to avoid danger to occupants and visitors;

• reconnect and test services at the end of each working day;

• clear any rubbish from inside the home at the end of each working day;

• remove any rubbish from the garden and other areas outside the property;

• respond to residents’ complaints; inform the Property Services Manager and/or the Contract Administrator complying with confidentiality guidelines;

• not at any time carry out works of any kind in a manner, which puts at risk the health and safety of the customer/customers, Agency staff, GLL’s own employees or client. And comply with health and safety legislation and relevant codes of practice;

• ensure that scaffolding and ladders shall be left secure to prevent unauthorised access and to be screened to prevent access by children. Ladders between the ground or other easily accessible levels and the first boarded level of scaffold will be removed when not being used and secured away from access by others. This applies not only at night, weekends and holidays but also during periods of the working day when the property is not supervised;

• store on site materials in secure facilities away from internal areas;

• inform the Contract Administrator if for any reason a job cannot be completed immediately and told when the works can be completed;

• ensure that all technicians, including GLL sub contractors, employed to carry out works to customer’s property are trustworthy;

• ensure any keys to empty properties are returned promptly to the officer and the team from which they were received;

• report all unforeseen works, i.e. repairs not previously discovered, to the Contract Administrator/Clerk of Works immediately; only act on any instruction given by the Contract Administrator or any agent nominated by the same;

• ensure that no work shall be commenced in the vicinity of a window, door or fanlight of a private room, i.e. bedroom, without the knowledge and consent of the occupant.

• execute the works in a manner in which the privacy of a customer shall not be invaded or any embarrassment caused;

• treat information volunteered by a customer regarding themselves or their neighbour, whether it be personal or otherwise, will be kept in strictest confidence;

• inform the Contract Administrator of any such information which gives rise to concern;

• not play radios or other audio equipment on site;

• ensure their employees are instructed that the use of offensive language or phrases is strictly forbidden whilst on site;

• instruct GLL employees and GLL sub contactors not to ask or expect customers to provide refreshments;

• ensure any works to bathrooms, toilets and shower rooms, either externally or internally, shall not be commenced without a fully legible printed sign marked ‘Temporarily out of Service’ being placed securely on the door;



This Code of Practice aims to ensure that when a resident remains in occupation whilst

works are undertaken to their home, the interference with their enjoyment of that home is kept to the minimum consistent with getting the job done. Moreover, that residents are aware and kept fully informed about what is to be done and the implication for them and that the client/GLL provide them with all information, negotiate with them and ensure that any problems which arise are dealt with promptly, courteously and effectively. The rights of residents on whose homes require works are laid down in the Tenancy agreement.


After Completion of the Works

On completion of a job, residents will be informed of the procedure for reporting defects. Emergency defects which affect health and safety, heating or drainage will be responded to within 24 hours.

GLL will return and remedy the defects within two weeks of the defects being notified or sonner if the work is of an urgent nature. Defects or breakdowns of an urgent nature shall be reported and made good immediately during this period and the resident shall be provided with the necessary telephone numbers to expedite their work.


Feedback and Residents Complaints

In the event of a formal complaint of a serious nature arising about the service provided to the resident, the complaints procedure will be followed.

GLL considers feedback from residents at the end of each works order to be most important as it is an effective method of monitoring resident’s satisfaction with the

design, conduct and management of its projects and also ensures our standards, technical briefs and Codes of Practice are properly defined, maintained and achieved.



To ensure successful implementation of the GLL Code of Conduct and Code of

Practice for Working with Residents procedure GLL will make provision for a competent Person in GLL to manage training and monitoring of quality.

The competent person will ensure this procedure is implemented, reviewed and, where possible improved upon. Resources will be made available to ensure all relevant employees are provided with equipment, (including PPE), information, training, supervision and time as is necessary to implement this policy.

GLL will develop the interpersonal skills and ability required to deliver high standards of customer service. Training for GLL staff includes the following subjects, as appropriate:

• repairs and maintenance policies and procedures;

• building technology;

• statutory repairing obligations;

• equal opportunities;

• customer care;

• writing in plain language; and

• telephone skills.



GLL actively encourages each employee to take reasonable care of their own and other

people’s safety by reporting any situation, which may pose a threat to their or other people’s health and safety. These reports, and the GLL Code of Conduct and Code of

Practice for Working with Residents will be the basis of reviews, monitoring and, the provision for some of our KPI.

Our aim is to provide instant response to our client’s locksmith, security and facilities management needs.

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