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Housing Association, London

A Housing Association was in the process of refurbishing a number of properties within its portfolio. This can throw up a great deal of issues regarding security.

Contractors would need a key to access the property which may mean a new lock being fitted. After work was completed a new lock would be fitted for the new tenant. If that tenant moved on then another lock would need to be fitted. All along the process, new locks need fitting and new keys need cutting and distributing requiring multiple call outs and expense.

GLL suggested the use of a Void Key System saving time, money and confusion. The Void Key System allows the housing association to control access to properties whilst building or renovations are taking place. This increases Void turnaround times.

GLL attend and replace locks to the newly acquired property to be renovated. Theses locks are pre-pined on a master key suite that allows 3 levels of access


Void key – For builders and tradesman to come and go completing works during contract period

Master key – For use of Landlord or Social housing provider to access the property at any time after works are completed

Differ or Client keys – End user keys that operate the locks once renovations and building works are complete


Once the renovations are complete the contractors can be locked out by inserting the Master or Client keys therefore eliminating any possible unauthorised access

GLL install and maintain the system completely offering up to 300 properties per Master key saving time and hard pressed budgets. This also provides secure restricted keys until 2026.

We recommend lock cases and other products that comply with BS3621 and BS8621 Keyless egress. This gives peace of mind knowing properties are physically secure for both clients and there customers.

Void Key System