Void Key System

Letting properties swiftly and properly maintaining social housing is a priority for Registered Providers. Void turnaround, Improvements in energy efficiency, security and modernisation require properties to be vacant whist the work is being carried out. This can result in a number of call outs from a locksmith, before during and after the work is completed to change the locks.

GLL attend and replace locks at the property to be renovated with the Void Key System. VKS is pre-pined on a master key suite that allows different levels of access.

  • Void Key – For builders, gas and electical inspectors, tradesman and RP staff to come and go during the contract period – all using 1 key
  • Tenant Keys – End user keys that operate the locks once renovations and building works are complete.

Once the renovations are complete and a new tenant signs up, the contractor will be locked out simply by using the Tenant keys for the first time, therefore eliminating any possible unauthorised access.

The Tenant Keys are issued directly to the RP. The contractor or any other 3rd parties never have control of this key which avoids keys being lost or copied before letting the property.

GLL install and maintain the system completely offering access to hundreds of properties per Void Key saving time and hard pressed budgets.

Checking additional lock security, suiting top and bottom locks or changing cylinders on site is subject to survey. We recommend that sensitive sites and property including offices are surveyed for vulnerable locks and security risks.

The locks comply with BS EN 1303 2005 in the event you are unsure about using a master key system then we advise you contact your insurer.

More information and pricing is available in our Void Management Key Solution brochure (PDF)

Our aim is to provide instant response to our client’s locksmith, security and facilities management needs.

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