ABC Vario Lock

Letting agents and landlords are frequently required to change locks, its part of the business of renting or managing a large portfolio of properties. GLL can assist is by providing a solution that gives you complete control and at the same time resolve any security issue that may arise

ABC Vario allows locks to be changed without the need to call out a locksmith and importantly with no tools!. This is done by supplying the client with 3 sets of keys, we call these key A, B and C

You as the landlord or agent can give your resident any quantity of key A. If for whatever reason key A is compromised by either loss or dispute all you do is insert Key B into lock. This locks out key A. Locks are changed and property is secured. Then the same applies to key B. should this become compromised then you insert key C. Once again the lock are changed!

All you have to do is store these keys until they are to be used and issue accordingly

A Simple and secure system that can save money and time. Call GLL today to discuss your master key or any special requirement.



Our aim is to provide instant response to our client’s locksmith, security and facilities management needs.

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